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Website Launched for Supporting Young People's Transitions During Covid-19


Flying Start Website Now Available for Supporting Young People 


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It is always hard to know where to go for your next step in education, or how to support young people close to you. During COVID 19 this has become particularly hard with none or limited access to school and college sites.

We all want to do our best to support those close to us, or to be able to find out information about all our options.

The 0-19 team have worked in conjunction with South Universities Network to produce a website to support transitions, across all stages and specially to post 16.

The site includes:

  • Careers - Planning for the future using resources from the Windmills iCan programme. This is an excellent resource for any age who need some support to focus on the future and to help with resilience in these times.
  • Developing study and employability skills - using resources provided by the college partners, tips for home-schooling and a selection of careers resources.
  • Progression Support – links to Dorset and neighbouring F.E. colleges, including their summer support, H.E. links and help linking school subjects to careers.
  • FAQs to answer questions that both young people/parents and carers might have
  • Resources to support parents and carers
  • Health and Well-being resources
  • A video that shows and discusses all post 16 options

We are too commonly asked, what next? It is okay to not know the answer to this but the Flying Start page will help to guide and support any questions and assist on focusing thoughts for the future.

Take a look -