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Must Have Resources for Strong Careers Link in Boards of Governors

Schools are currently all working towards the same goal of strengthening their careers programmes and achieving all 8 Gatsby benchmarks. Gatsby Benchmark 1, states that a schools careers programme must be approved by the Board of Governors. However, recent feedback has indicated that this can be quite challenging

Challenges Schools are Facing – Gatsby Benchmark 1

Gatsby Benchmark 1’s goal is to have a strong working group within schools that includes the Careers Leader, an allocated governor and their Enterprise Adviser. This all being backed by the Senior Leadership team. Verbal feedback has indicated that time constraints are the biggest challenge schools face when trying to achieve this. Some reports have also indicated that a lack of knowledge on the for what is required within a good careers programme can have some influence on the implementation of the benchmark also.


What is the Governing Body Expected to Do?

The most recent guidance released from the Department for Education sets out expectations on the Governing Body. It states:

Every school should have a member of their governing body who takes a strategic interest in careers education and guidance and encourages employer engagement’

Read the October 2018 Government Careers Report here


Latest Resources for Governors

For governors to feel confident in taking on this role, additional resources have been created to guide them through their role in the Careers Strategy and how they can support schools effectively in providing the best careers education possible.

1. Online Training

The charity ‘Governors for Schools’ has launched an e-Learning module to give governors the knowledge and confidence to promote employability and work-related learning in their schools. Available Here


2. Handbook

Careers Professionals working on the National Careers Week (NCW) initiative have produced a handbook that guides governors through the recent statutory guidance released by government on careers education. Available Here


Need to Know More?

A strong careers team which includes an allocated governor has many benefits including support from the board of governors, access to governor skill sets and network and an improved understanding for the governors on what is happening within the school to prepare their young people for the world of work.

It is essential for us to spread this message to all.
Please pass on to anyone in your network that would be interested including Governors, potential Governors, Enterprise Advisers and additional school contacts.

If you would like to do any additional reading on the Gatsby Benchmarks, please click the link below:

Careers & Enterprise Company Overview