Who Writes for This Blog ?


Our team works to improve the quality, outcomes and opportunities for learning for all young people in Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole (BCP).


As Local Authority officers with a wealth of educational experience across 0-19; we support and collaborate with local partners and providers to make BCP a thriving and attractive place for young people to learn, create and work



Current Contributors

BCP Council's 0-19 Schools and Providers Standards Team:



Julia Coleman

Service Manager School & Provider Standards & Support



Julia is the Service Manager in the 0-19 Team & a representative of BCP Council on the Learning & Partnership Board. Her team sits within the Quality and Commissioning Directorate of Children’s Services.

Julia has been a school leader, post-16 adviser, worked on educational policy on teaching and teacher recruitment at the DfE and as a teacher taught all Humanities subjects including Religious Education.


Georgie Pinder

11-19 Adviser School & Provider Standards & Support



Georgie is the 11-19 Adviser for BCP and the Council's designated officer for SACRE. She is an experienced post-16 leader and runs the local network for post 16 Heads of Sixth Form, FE and HE and works collaboratively pan-Dorset and the SW.


Catherine Beater

Senior Enterprise Co-ordinator for BCP Council and the Careers and Enterprise Company


Catherine is our lead for the Careers & Enterprise Company across BCP. She is employed by both Dorset LEP and BCP Council. She is an experienced and talented Post-16 school leader and runs our networks for Careers’ Leaders and Business leader voluteers known as "Enterprise Advisers". She is an exemplary networker and works with the Dorset Chamber and many local employers to improve careers education locally for young people.


Laura Bush

Enterprise Co-ordinator, BCP Council and the Careers and Enterprise Company 


Laura works as a Careers’ Co-ordinator for BCP Council and the Careers & Enterprise Company. She is an experienced & talented careers adviser/teacher, project & event manager and excellent at supporting employer relationships with schools. Laura works with the Dorset Chamber and many local employers to improve careers education for young people.

Helen Lewis

SUN NCOP Project Leader, BCP Council and The Southern Universities Network (SUN) 


Helen leads the Southern Universities Network project in BCP. She engages with & organises community and school events to raise aspiration and get our most disadvantaged young people into further and higher education. She is a talented project manager and has wide experience of Special Education Needs and Disabilities and FE opportunities locally & in wider Dorset & Hampshire.


Robyn Gough

Business and Communications Officer, School & Provider Standards & Support



Robyn is an experienced & highly capable business & communication officer for Children’s Services. She is a creative digital message manager & has brokered social media & communications training for the team as well as developing our content and websites. She is a very good promoter of events. She is also the main content curator and co-ordinator for this blog!


Additional Contributors

In addition to the above named contributors, the team has broadened recently to be a 0-19 Team, encompassing Early Years education and primary phase education. Our “new” team members profiles are below 



Judith O’Hare

Primary Education Improvement Adviser




Judith is our primary education improvement adviser, moderation manager for KS1 and KS2 moderation services and the strategic lead for moderation services in the EYFS. She is a qualified teacher with a degree in modern languages and a masters degree in assessment. She is also an Ofsted lead inspector. Judith has extensive senior leadership experience in both primary and secondary schools and is chair of examiners, GCSE main languages, for one of the major UK awarding bodies. She is a recognised and experienced author of educational texts and on-line teaching resources for Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 French and Spanish. Judith is a chartered educational assessor and an Ofqual call-up consultant.


Jonathan Payne

Early Years Primary Adviser




Jonathan, our early years primary adviser, is a qualified teacher, early years professional and holds the national SENCO accreditation. He has previously worked as an early years Ofsted inspector and has wide experience of senior leadership in early years, children centres and primary schools. Jonathan has taught locally and internationally in all phases of education from early years, key stage 1 and 2. Jonathan is the moderation manager for BCP Early Years Moderation Services.


Gemma Crocker

Business Support Officer




Gemma is a Business Support Officer for BCP Council. As part of the -19 School & Provider Standards & Support Team, she is the named administrative officer for primary moderation services including end of year assessments for the Early Years, KS1 and KS2. Gemma supports BCP school-based moderators, managing their training programmes and their deployment. Gemma has an Honours degree in English Literature and Film studies. In addition to her experience in Business Administration, she previously worked in the Customer Service sector. Gemma is PA and  supports the work of the school facing advisers




Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Education


As part of BCP Council

  • We now have 96 schools in 100 buildings
  • 24 secondary schools as well as 2 PRUs
  • There are over 230 childminders
  • 3 universities
  • 1 FE college


The BCP Learning & Partnership Board is at the heart of a collaborative system for education improvement 0-19


Education leaders in BCP meet half termly to develop & deliver projects and provision that will:

  • Improve all local schools/provision beyond being the best in the SW
  • Address underachievement of disadvantaged pupils, vulnerable groups including SEND, children with experience of care and those families have had no experience of Level 4 or university education/employment
  • Decrease permanent exclusions to zero by 2022
  • Encourage more young people into apprenticeships and higher education
  • Work with employers to increase the links between curriculum and employment opportunities



Our Teams and work has Educational Project Partners


In addition to our statutory responsibilities as a Local Authority, for some of our projects our partners help guide our objectives and support us to deliver outcomes.

They are:




Project Overview:


The Careers and Enterprise Company and The Dorset LEP (DLEP) Projects



The Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC) is a national network that connects schools and colleges with employers and businesses to develop Careers’ Education. The role of the CEC is to support the sector to work together to provide young people with effective and high-quality encounters with the world of work.


How the CEC network supports schools, colleges and employers


The national network is made up of Enterprise Co-ordinators (ECs) who we co-fund with DLEP. ECs are trained professionals who work with clusters of 20+ schools and colleges to build Careers’ Strategies and broker connections to local and national employers.  


ECs also support a group of senior business volunteers, known as Enterprise Advisers (EAs) who we match with one of the school or colleges in our BCP network.


​EAs use their business knowledge to support headteachers and Careers’ Teams to develop and monitor an effective strategy to create opportunities for business engagement in BCP for pupils and students.



Projet Overview:


The Southern University Network and National Collaborative Outreach Program

NCOP logo National CMYK

The Southern Universities Network (SUN) is a collaborative partnership comprising HE providers in Hampshire, Dorset and the Isle of Wight. The SUN provides outreach activities for schools and colleges as part of Uni Connect – an Office for Students (OfS)-funded project.


The SUN has been tasked with increasing HE participation in over 70 wards, working with 104 schools and all further education (FE) colleges in the region. As directed in OfS guidance, work will be focused on young people in Years 9 – 13 and their ‘key influencers’.


The Uni Connect Programme was launched in January 2020 – a national initiative helping teachers and careers advisers to encourage young people to take advantage of the opportunities in Higher Education. The programme will see 29 hubs established across the partnership areas in the UK. This free, government-funded service will work with state-funded secondary schools, academies and colleges across the 29 Uni Connect hubs, working with almost 300 universities and colleges as well as local authorities, charities and enterprise partnerships. Uni Connect supports the Gatsby benchmarks through a tailored and impartial approach, aiding schools to support students, their parents and carers to get a better understanding of their future options.


Within BCP, we have a dedicated Project Leader to support schools and students with progression into further and higher education. Projects include running bespoke careers leader training, assisting with direct student support around resilience and progression, support the wider community and enable students to visit educational institutions where without support this may be difficult.