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EYFS Statutory Assessment


Here are the links to the statutory assessment documents that schools and teachers must use.


Becoming familiar with these documents and attending moderation training and agreement trialling will build your confidence to make accurate and consistent assessment judgements.


If you are a school using the current EYFS in 2021, please use the following links:


EYFS Framework

EYFS Profile Handbook

EYFS Reporting and Assessment Arrangements

EYFS Exemplification Materials


Moderation training and agreement trialling for teachers linked below. Please book onto one session.


If you are an Early Adopter school for the reformed EYFS, please use the following links:


Early Adopter EYFS Framework

Early Adopter EYFS Handbook

Early Adopter EYFS Reporting and Assessment Arrangements

Early Adopter EYFS Exemplification Materials (not yet available)


Once the Exemplification Materials are published by the DfE dates for agreement trialling will be released.