Assessment & Moderation Services at BCP Council


Moderation as an integral part of the revised assessment arrangements was introduced in 2004. The LA’s statutory responsibility is for moderating teacher assessment in schools and academies under their responsibility. This entails ensuring that all schools are included in the formal moderation arrangements once in a four-year cycle and more frequently where there are identified relevant issues.

The principle method of moderation as defined by Ofqual is:

“Not a process for checking that every assessment made by every teacher for every

child is ‘correct’, rather a means for LAs to be confident that their schools understand

national standards and apply them consistently and that teacher assessment will

produce outcomes which are fair to children and provide an accurate picture of

progress for parents”.


BCP LA has a statutory function regarding the moderation of all end of Key Stage assessment arrangements. LAs have been given the freedom to set up moderation arrangements that are appropriate to their area. LAs have however, to set out how they will meet the STA’s essential requirements.


BCP LA is committed to:

  • Enabling schools to access training, advice and consultancy appropriate to their needs to help secure the highest standards of assessment, recording and reporting at the end of each Key Stage.
  • Ensuring schools are clear about their responsibilities re the conduct of all tests and the need to store tests and task materials responsibly.
  • Moderating assessment arrangements in an accurate, consistent and fair manner for all schools.
  • Ensuring moderation is conducted by moderators with significant experience and expertise in assessment, and who have been trained in the process in accordance with guidelines set, as outlined in the documents published by the Standards and Testing Agency

The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) Requirements


The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) requires that Local Authorities (LAs)

ensure that assessment and reporting arrangements are administered appropriately

by their schools. Each LA is required to:

  • Offer schools training and advice on all aspects of assessment at the appropriate Key Stage.
  • Ensure that moderation of all assessment arrangements is carried out as specified in the Assessment and reporting arrangements (ARA) booklet and the relevant Key Stage Guidance document for teacher assessment, both published by STA.
  • Ensure that schools have an appropriate system to record and process their end of Key Stage data using electronic means.
  • Collect end of Key Stage statutory assessment data, quality assure and submit them to The Department for Education (DfE) in the required format.


Covid-19 Update

All assessments were suspended in 2020 as a result of COVID-19.  All moderation processes will resume in line with STA guidance for 2021.


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